Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Klingons on the starboard bow

So. New Zealand First has fallen in behind Labour's emissions trading scheme, and a more astute political observer than I would have quickly realised that was inevitable after the release of the Owen Glenn letter this morning, which changed the political dynamic completely. Suddenly finding himself vulnerable, Winston Peters was hardly likely to alienate the person whose protection and patronage he most needed by telling Labour to take its ETS and shove it. He's now clinging to the PM in what might be characterised as a death embrace. How long before she prises him loose?

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Truth Seeker said...

I can understand Clark being agnostic on Peters' funding issues. Nothing has been proven despite many claims being made. Nothing said so far has been said under oath. Pass the salt. It wouldn't be the first time a rich person gave money to someone in order to use that fact to sully them and raise doubts later. Money well spent, in their view, if it knocks Peters out of the House.

The political motivations and machinations behind the attacks on Peters would be noted by the PM. In that sense, Peters is an excellent decoy. If they (media, whoever) are running around chasing him, they won't be bagging Labour.

I've never voted for Peters or his party. I've met him several times in very situations and he isn't a likable person at all unless he wants something from you. He suffers the same failings as Jim Anderton in many ways....unable to build a broader team because he has to have it all (or most of it) his way.

As for the ETS, I don't care how it gets passed, it needs to be passed. Anyone paying attention to the rapidly accelerating climate changes at the poles could be forgiven for feeling it is already too little, too late.....and snuffling greedies have wasted too much time defending today against all our tomorrows.

I used to own pigs. Kune kunes. They would dig up all the grass to eat the grubs and end up with no grubs and no grass.....and having privatised all their profits (Burp!) they looked to me to socialise all their losses...and feed them.

We need the ETS to put rings in the noses of the pigs. Peters or no.