Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dumb New Zealand: a continuing series, courtesy of Radio Live

More gems from the Radio Live quiz ....

Ewing Stevens (Radio Live host): “What did Dr John Pemberton concoct in his back yard in 1886?”

Caller: “Cancer?”

Stevens: “What Spanish word has the English translation ‘little war’”?

Caller: “Would that be the Home Guard?”


homepaddock said...

I'm writing this with caution lest I provide you with more ammunition for the series because I speak a little Spanish and know the word for war is guerra, but it's only now I've made the connection with guerrilla.

RobiNZ said...
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RobiNZ said...

It's admirable you're able to endure the late night torture required to gather these gems.
Ewing might be a radio veteran but I cant abide his constant promotion of woo-woo remedies that he, directly or indirectly, benefits from.