Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And again ...

Today it was the turn of the Dominion Post to use the loaded adjective "infamous" in connection with the Iwi/Kiwi billboard of the 2005 election campaign. Is there a competition within the press gallery to see how often the word can be used to smear anything connected with Don Brash?

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The probligo said...

Karl, try a different note.

How is about "remote". Frequently in the news one hears about an event of note - usually criminal - in "remote" Foxton, "remote" Hikurangi, "remote" Kaitaia and thusly.

You would not call Foxton "remote"? No, neither would I any more than Kaitaia is "remote".

Point is that the "infamous Brash Orewa speech" has reached the status of political cliche. Its continual use has nothing to do with "smearing Don Brash" any more than Foxton is "remote" and a whole lot more to do with the impressive and implacable lack of imagination shown by the media from cub reporter right through to Editor.

Just wait a couple of years. There will no doubt be endless examples coming out of the Key government.

And to be clear, Brash was a mighty technocrat. He is a zero politician.