Saturday, July 20, 2013

They're coming to take me away, ha ha

I've suspected for some time now that I'm losing it. In fact my heartless, ungrateful children tell me this process has been going on for years. But today I got incontrovertible proof. I was out for a ride on my mountain bike, cruising some gentle tracks on the northern outskirts of Masterton on a gloriously sunny winter afternoon. Approaching the top of a hill, I decided to take another route that went off to my right. There wasn't a vehicle within hundreds of metres and only one other human being, a distant walker, in sight. And suddenly I realised I had extended my arm to indicate I was turning.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Perhaps it helps keep you balanced in a turn...

Brendan said...


Being of a similar age and also with children, I want to share my three pronged strategy for aged survival with you and your readers.

1) Don't under any circumstances swallow the pills.

2) Always keep the Harley well serviced and warmed in the garage.

3) Remember the Sadam Hussain strategy - never sleep in the same bed twice.

All the best for the future, however it looks.

hughvane said...

It's okay Karl, occasionally I find myself saying "ooh, pardon me" when a gust of wind escapes the nether regions - and there's not a living soul within sight, sniff, or earshot! May the force be with us.