Friday, September 4, 2015

Williamson does it again

Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson became the darling of the so-called liberals (I say “so-called” because people who like to think of themselves as liberal are often anything but) when he made a speech in Parliament ridiculing opponents of the same-sex marriage bill.
I wonder what those people think of their hero now, in the light of his puerile, oafish and sexist antics as MC at an information technology dinner – a performance that so embarrassed the host company that it emailed an apology to its guests.

The supposed champion of gay rights revealed himself as a childish sniggerer, happy to play for laughs at the expense of homosexuals. I wonder, will he be feted internationally for that, as he was for his “gay rainbow” speech? Somehow I doubt it.
His gig as MC confirmed – not that confirmation was needed – that Williamson is a buffoon and a compulsive showboater with the emotional intelligence of a fourth-form schoolboy. I wonder how long it will be before either the National Party or the voters of Pakuranga decide they’ve had enough and pull the pin.

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Jigsaw said...

Yes I wonder how long he will keep being elected but then he was elected which is more than can be said for Sue Moroney who criticised him . She, you will recall is the person who bought the ashes of a human being into parliament. She has stood for parliament-never been elected but like others that MMP has given us, now holds a powerful position in parliament. Williamson is all that say he is but is an elected buffoon -she does it entirely on her own.