Saturday, February 27, 2021

The heroic journey of Ricardo Menendez-March

Readers may enjoy this satirical piece by Neil Miller of the Taxpayers' Union:

The following is a leaked diary entry written by Ricardo Menendez March, MP.  

Gracefully returning from Mexico, the third most deadly hotspot for COVID-19, suddenly I am confronted by a border guard demanding all this paperwork about quarantine, isolation, and contact tracing that apparently I, a busy Member of Parliament, should have filled in “months ago”. “Months ago?” – who can understand such bureaucratic jargon?

Responding to the frontline staff, I point out the obvious absurdity in his argument. “Next”, I quip, “you will be saying that Kiwis should not travel to Mexico at all.” He produces a piece of paper from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade saying exactly that. However, I spot that it is almost a year old. I cannot be expected to keep up with these historical edicts about the country of my birth and long intended travel destination. I am a list MP.

This will not stand. I fix the guard with my most smouldering Central American gaze and confidently ask: “Do you know who I am?”

Turns out he has absolutely no idea who I am, and no one in the growing and increasingly restless line behind me can help him. Someone quipped that I might be “Cliff Curtis’ less famous brother” which was the best of a bad bunch.

I decide to go over the guard’s head and ask my old comrade Chris Hipkins for an emergency MIQ slot. Problem solved, so I return to Koru Club for a free-range soy latte with a twist of GMO-free lemon.

Well, it seems that Minister Hipkins (as he insists I call him) either does not know who I am, does not care who I am, or does not consider backbench Green list MPs to be a service “time-critical for the purpose of delivering specialist health services required to prevent serious illness, injury or death; or the maintenance of essential health infrastructure.”

Undeterred, I lodge another application for an emergency exemption on the grounds that my “urgent travel is required for national security, national interest or law enforcement reasons.” It is also declined, but I do not think the Minister had to address the letter “To who it may concern”.

Over a leisurely dandelion and bog myrtle muffin in the lounge, I realise this situation could actually look bad from a PR perspective. Even the tamest of journalists will occasionally latch onto stories about Green MPs who preach carbon neutrality constantly topping the frequent flyer mile chart, or members of the most principled party in Parliament repeatedly trying to use their status to jump the queue on the grounds of non-existent health expertise or for reasons of national security.

I call in our communications “big gun” – though the Greens' musterer insists he/she/they are referred to as “the sizable inclusive conversationalist”.

It is Clint. He may have a surname, but everyone calls him “Hey Clint” for some reason. Probably a cultural title… Hola Ricardo has quite a ring to it. Will write to the Speaker and see what he/she/they think of my plan.

“Hey Clint” has come up with a great strategy for when the opposition and media find out what I have done. I should say that I never wanted either of the emergency exemptions I applied for. You know, both those applications that used up time and resources from officials, the head of MBIE, party leader James Shaw, and Minister Hipkins. I am sure they relished a bit of excitement during these quiet days of summer.

He – and I now have written permission to call Clint "he" – suggested I mention family illnesses and my long-term partner as often as possible, but not mention I go to Mexico at this time every year.

On reflection, this might actually be good for my career. I have never had so much coverage. I should go on holiday more often.


David McLoughlin said...

It misses out the latest chapter in this saga. Green Miles Man met a new boyfriend in Mexico on his previous annual Xmas trip there, and brought him back to Aotearoa this trip. It must be true, because Radio NZ reported it:

In my recent times, I have known people who have been with their overseas-born partners much longer, but whom Immigration NZ will not grant visas.

Trev1 said...

Yes, very amusing and well written. Back in the daily grind the loose ends continue to flap around this Mexican menage's monologue. How did RMM secure a visa for his partner so readily when so many others have been denied? How did he receive a place in MIQ so expeditiously when the facilities are reportedly booked out till May? Has he met the costs of his own and his partner's stay in quarantine? Do they live in or frequent Papatoetoe? To name a few.

CXH said...

The story first released was going to see his sick parents that his partner was caring for. Yet he flys back with the caregiver?

It would appear it was purely an exercise in bringing his newish partner back for his own advantage with no care about rules or concern to possible health implications.

Trev1 said...

I now see taxpayers apparently paid for his flights?

Mark Wahlberg said...

I wonder if the Cisco Kid and his sidekick Pancho flew business class?

From a Green perspective I suspect the one return jet flight to Mexico would have created more pollution then my V8's would generate in their lifetime and I'm the Bad Guy!!

The question now is will there be a job created for Pancho at parliament or will he be content to be a homebody?

Russell Parkinson said...

If the Greens had even the slightest bit of decency or self respect they would expel him from the party and chop him off the list and get someone useful in there. I bet they don't though the useless hypocrites.

Hilary Taylor said...

Trev1...taxpayers paying for his fights, for why exactly? Private trip, no? Or, as an MP he gets free stuff?

You'd have to be gullible to think this was anything other than his usual xmas trip cum booty dash. We all now know if folk want to get their beaux in here then they need to go get 'em.

Guy is a freeloader having a laugh, taking the piss...