Saturday, March 25, 2023

A Day of Shame

Protesters marching against the Springbok rugby tour in 1981 used to chant, “The whole world’s watching”.

I doubt that the world was watching what happened in Auckland this morning (it probably wasn’t watching in 1981 either), but anyone who witnessed what happened to Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka Posie Parker, saw a mortal blow being delivered to New Zealand’s reputation as a civil, liberal democracy where the rule of law applies.

A violent, angry rabble forced Parker to abandon a public meeting as the police stood by and did nothing.  She was drowned out when she tried to speak, had food flung at her and tomato juice poured over her head.

As predicted on this site, the real inciters of hate and disorder turned out to be not the so-called far Right but the woke Left – the same woke Left that tried to convince the High Court yesterday that they were the people who would be at risk if Parker was allowed into New Zealand.

Hypocrisy doesn’t begin to describe it. The English language doesn’t have a strong enough word.

In a perverse way, the trans rights activists have done us a favour by laying bare their hatred, their bigotry, their intolerance of dissenting opinion and their propensity for violence.  The people of New Zealand can now see who the real thugs are and who represents the threat to public order.

The people who profess to embrace inclusion and diversity are in fact pathologically hostile to anyone who challenges their world view. As they showed today, they don’t hesitate to use force, numbers and intimidation to silence their opponents.

Auckland Pride festival organiser Max Tweedie and the gay Labour MP Shanan Halbert both told Stuff they were proud of the protesters. Well, there you go; say no more.

Tweedie even had the gall to say that “Tamaki Makaurau demonstrated its values today”.  In fact it’s far more likely that the people of Auckland will feel shamed and tainted by what happened at Albert Park. They certainly should be.

And what of the police? They stood back as the diminutive Parker was assaulted and harassed by a crowd of bullies. They took no action to protect her right to speak, nor the right of people to hear what she had to say – rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights Act. They intervened only when the meeting was abandoned and a frightened-looking Parker had to be escorted through the jostling mob.

So – a black day for free speech and a wake-up call for anyone naïve enough to think the police would uphold the right of peaceful assembly. 

To revive another phrase from 1981, this was a Day of Shame.


Jordan said...

This is what you get for organizing in the open. The left had ages in advance to plan their approach and you had no security prepared for the event.

They hate you, conservatives need to learn to stop attempting to find middle ground with these evil people.

John Black said...

Absolutely spot on. I was there and it was a feral mob, nothing more. How anyone can think they were the 'good guys' is beyond belief.

EP said...

Good on you Karl for getting on to this deeply shameful incident right away. It's not just the obvious cretins we need to worry about, but the bandwagon of IQs of around 100 who got carried along (how contemptible!) and the POLICE - may they never live it down- the lumps! I hope Kelly is courageous enough to show up in Wellington, where I will turn up with what I hope will be a lot of civilised people.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of this country. Thank goodness I am leaving for a saner environment, for good. The Philippines. Think about that NZ.

Trev1 said...

Today was a wake-up call for New Zealanders Karl. Everyone can now see that if you do not toe the Labour-Greens' line, if your world-view is "incorrect", you are fair game in this country, the Police will not defend your rights or your person. Ginny Anderson must be proud of them.

Paul Peters said...

I expect to read Stuff and Herald colunmists in unison saying how this shows no place for hate and fascism blah blah in nz .

It reminds me of a middle aged very genuinely right wing editor of the Taranaki Herald in 1973 praising the Pinochet coup in Chile and execution of Allende and thousands of others as ''showing there is no place for Marxism in South America''.

Tyranny was fine then and appears to be fine to those on the other side of the spectrum today .

The ''Nazis'' in Sydney are cited a lot in MSM abroad especially The one has to my knowledge demasked these people and shown who they really are...why?
Posie did condemn them as an intrusion but a gay guy on du Plessis the other day said she never did. I have come to realise the du Plessis session on the radio is semi-woke ...anything else, wrong comment and she would be Miles Davised...or gone

Ken said...

I'm pretty sure that Georgina Beyer would be appalled by today's events. The mob is ruling but it can be opposed.
Ken Maclaren

Rob said...

Today was a disgrace. A sad day for tolerance and free speech in New Zealand. The event today could have been about an English woman speaking to 50 people in a park. Now its national, if not worldwide news (at least on some alternative channels). What an own goal.

TimS said...

I tust that no normal woman will ever again vote for the trans-Greens or lackey Labour.

Paul Corrigan said...

The mobs did win.

They also lost.

They showed us who they really are and what they are. None of that can be denied.

They might have shot themselves in the foot.

Our media have not come out of it well, either, except, perhaps, the ex-journo who told us on Kiwiblog on Friday what really happened in Melbourne last week.

- Paul Corrigan

Phil said...

I note the media were in there talking to protestors today unlike the anti vax protest last year.

Anonymous said...

This country is so divided, Much Aroha to all women who want to feel safe. The Greens are an absolute disgrace they have been hi jacked big time
The politicians were never going to have a hui with the peaceful protesters in Wellington a complete takeover there as well
In history look back to the springbok protest there we’re government plants there too
MSM are in lockstep with WEF 2030 agenda and lockdown cities too
An Orwellian takeover people
Wake up become critical thinkers
I have faith there are good women and men left in New Zealand be brave
Love to all

pdm said...

I have just watched embarrassing coverage on One News through their reporter Corazon Millar. It was so one sided it portrayed the protesters as the good guys - and like hell they were.

The Police abrogated their duties and responsibilities as you said. Do they not realise it is their duty to protect law abiding people from rabid mobs of protesters?

This is not my New Zealand nor the New Zealand Police force I have always respected.

Andy Espersen said...

I will immediately write a very angry and outspoken email to Prime Minister Hipkins and to the Police Commissioner - who is supposed to be independent!! (I cannot remember ever doing that before, by the way).

Today Hipkins and his henchmen are praising the protesters. But tomorrow, after the storm of citizens' screams of disapproval against the police for not protecting Parker at all at this event, this day of shame for New Zealand, we will no longer hear any praises for protesters!

I think Labour has now lost all chance of re-election in October

alloy said...

A Nuclear moment for Chris Hipkins.

History will record todays event, there is too much amateur footage of these domestic terrorists for the Captured NZ media to hide. NZ MP's including ministers of the Crown participated in the baying mob.

We need action for the safety of our Mother's aunties, sisters, wives and daughters.
We need action to show the world that we have degenerated into a fascist regime.

Pearl Red Moon said...

thanks Karl, great comment on todays shameful travesty. I'm a supporter of #LetWomenSpeak who attended 2 rallies in Australia and spoke at one. For the first time inmy life I'm embarassed to be a New Zealander. I have always been so proud of my progressive nation. Thats all destroyed now, and I cringe in embarassment.

Nicola said...

What happened today was an all out assault on Free Speech!

Parker had a right to speak, NZ women had a right to be heard.

The Trans Lobby, govt ministers and the media whipped NZ into a frenzy about Posie Parker coming and effectively created this conflict. The Lobby even took the Govt to court to overrule Parker’s right to speak when the law was clear. The premise of their argument was that ‘it was unsafe for Parker to speak as violence would follow’.

Well, violence did follow. Violence perpetrated by the very groups that predicted it!
All day on Friday violence was inferred on social media by the 'progressives'.

But on the day, those that attended to hear Parker speak said that the police did nothing to keep people safe.

Parker is on record as saying “The police in Aus. have been brilliant, they have manned the barricades and shut down any trouble outside the barricades. But in NZ, police apparently did nothing as barricades were swarmed and only ultimately did something when Parker was desperately seeking a way to leave. Neither did this happen because of anything she said. It happened before she began.

In Australia, there were only 3 arrests made and these were Trans Activists.

I predict there will be no arrests made in NZ or if so, they won't be trans activists.

The same crowd surrounded and abused the women who had come to listen and the police were also disinterested in helping rescue them according to Ani O Brien of the FSU.

The crowd moved to Aotea Square where the Destiny Church was holed up and started trouble there. In

MPs congratulated the crowd for deplatforming Parker but I was under the impression that MPs are supposed to uphold the law and rule for all Nzers. And they should not be proud of people who are breaking the law. There were at least 2 assaults that I know of.

The police couldnt have missed the potential for violence so why were they so inactive and unprepared? Does their behaviour indicate institutional capture?

The saddest thing is the death blow that has been dealt to Free Speech. Not just Parker but the legal and ‘actual’ precedent that has been set.

Those who are prepared to break the law, indulge in a bit of violence – will win no matter what other Nzers believe or want. So the behaviour of the mob today will embolden others.

But what I imagine will be far more significant, is the legal implications here. Any special interest group can go to court and ask the judge not to allow X to speak because of public safety. They will argue – see what happened to Posie Parker and they will be able to deplatform anyone anywhere in NZ. So effectively free speech is finished.

I call for Andrew Coster to resign.

For a reasonably clear view on what actually went on, check Parkers You tube video from this afternoon e from 6.45 on

What is very clear and most shameful is that the Police did nothing to protect her until she reached the car. At one stage she says, the police say they wont come. Also see the comments down the side from others overseas, how many dozen say something along the lines of NZ should feel ashamed and mostly, the police should be called to account.

And they should be.

Simon Arnold said...

The question for us all is how to come back from this point?

Because there will inevitably be a series of decisions from bodies like the Athletics organization weighing up the balance of rights, the issue of rights will resolve itself, and likely more often than not to ensure the rights of Women are protected.

But the claimed right to silence/cancel others, aided by a good chunk of the MS media, is the real worry. Hopefully if there is a strong push back to what happened in Auckland, Labour will feel a need to side with freedom of expression, just as the Nats now seem to be doing.

BTW just for the record "The Whole World's Watching" was the title of a publication we (Cockerel Press with Alister Taylor) put together documenting the June 1970 Wellington protests against the All Black tour.

Deane Jessep said...

I was there too John, agree entirely, the unhinged rainbow mob was equal parts bemusing, terrifying, and saddening.

Doug Longmire said...

I am waiting for the Meng Foon to have a say about that egregious Greens' leaders' racist comment about white, cis men being responsible for violence. He is usually very quick off the mark. Perhaps if correct history were to be taught, then Davidson would have heard of Idi Amin, Mugabe, Arafat, Pol Pot and Mao.

David said...

Ugly scenes yesterday but in the wider context of this overall issue there has been, globally, what some would describe as progress:

Tepee said...

The treatment of KJK in Auckland on Saturday is nothing short of an assault on the freedom to express views which are by and large reasonable, albeit many may think they are wrong. The behaviour of NZ politicians (including the National Party), NZ media (and particularly TVNZ) and the inaction of NZ police is nothing short of a national disgrace. From afar I have deep reservations about the road NZ is heading? Tony Penman