Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Further to my post yesterday: The Dom Post advises me that there was no arrangement with Mona Kahui and her partner to photograph them at Mangere cemetery. The paper informs me that reporter Mike Field and photographer John Selkirk went to the cemetery on Friday on the off-chance that family members might be there. This was smart journalism and I'm happy to climb down.
My more general comments on the media being used to advance PR agendas stand.


Steve Withers said...

Tripped up by a reasonable, but unverified presumption. Welcome to blogosphere yet again - your first "Ooops" now out of the way. :-)

I hate those "Oops" moments and take my daily dose of 'humble' in a sometimes vain attempt to ward them off. Good luck! :-)

Berend de Boer said...

And Mona Kahui and her partner just went there on the off-chance that a journalist might be there.