Tuesday, December 23, 2008

McVicar's U-turn

SENSIBLE Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar irrevocably blew his credibility when he said Bruce Emery, the Auckland man who fatally stabbed teenage tagger Pihema Cameron, should have been set free.

McVicar has built his reputation around calls for tougher sentencing, especially for violent crimes. You have to wonder what made him execute such a spectacular U-turn in this case.

The manslaughter verdict for Emery seemed fair and appropriate, and he should face the consequences. Tagging may be an infuriating scourge, but no one deserves to die because of it.


Unknown said...

It's no u-turn. I've always thought that the Sensible Sentencing Trust were racist and classist scumbags and it's nice/sad to have it confirmed.

Steve Withers said...

I'd say this is more like the Sensible Sentencing Trust showing their true colours.

I've been listening to McVicar for years and his view on Emery is what I would have expected given his past comments on vigilante "justice" - separate and distinct from his views on murderous violence he does NOT approve of.

That contradiction has been there from the beginning.....which is why many have little time for the SST.

Emery chased two kids over 300 metres with a knife in his hand. No other verdict was possible....except perhaps murder.