Saturday, April 25, 2009

On the road

I would like to apologise for, and explain, the erratic (or perhaps I should say more erratic than normal) updating of this blog in recent weeks. I have been on the road, literally, in the US and for much of that time, have been unable to get an Internet connection. Normal service will resume in due course, for better or for worse. I hope I'll also be able, eventually, to produce something explaining what I've been doing here.


Truth Seeker said...

Karl! Starbucks everywhere have free wifi. Keep that in mind when traveling. :-)

Karl du Fresne said...

Thanks Truth Seeker, but Starbucks coffee is too high a price to pay for free wi-fi.

Stephen Stratford said...

Karl, you are quite right. As my favourite bumper sticker says, "Friends don't let friends drink at Starbucks".