Thursday, March 4, 2010

An anomaly explained and corrected

Note to readers: Ever since I started this blog the times displayed on my posts have been about 20 hours behind real New Zealand time. Obviously the default time setting for, the blog host, is Pacific standard time in the US. I realise this must have been confusing for readers at times, especially if I posted a blog relating to something shown on New Zealand TV on Wednesday night and the dateline above suggested I had posted the blog on Tuesday. (Whatever my talents, prescience isn’t one of them.)

It occasionally occurred to me that there must be a way of changing the settings to correct this anomaly but I never got around to it, reasoning that either it wasn’t important or that readers of the blog would figure things out for themselves. Besides, technical stuff like computer settings is an irritation I try to avoid. However, sharp-eyed readers may note that I finally decided to do something about it. Henceforth, my blogs will accurately display the time they were posted. My apologies for any head-scratching my dilatoriness might have caused in the past – and my compliments to, because when I finally got around to changing the time setting it was a very quick and easy exercise.

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Will de Cleene said...

Go to Settings from the Blogger Dashboard, then Formatting. You can change to NZ time for your posts there.