Sunday, September 5, 2010

Credit where credit's due

I have been a harsh critic of One News, but as someone once said: credit where credit's due. They did a superb job in covering the Canterbury earthquake. Last night's extended 6pm bulletin was thorough, authoritative and blessedly free of the customary sensationalism and hyperbole - proof that when you have a real story on your hands, it's not necessary to over-egg the pudding.

It was One's (and our) good fortune that the quake happened in Canterbury, where TVNZ just happens to have a couple of old-style reporters - Vicki Wilkinson-Baker and Lorelei Mason - who know how to cover a big story. No breathless excitement and little-girl squawking from these professionals. Their work was ably complemented by the reporting of Jendy Harper, Lisa Davies and Joy Reid in a package that was seamlessly tied together by an unflappable Simon Dallow (my apologies if I've overlooked anyone). Notably absent from the scene was TVNZ's boy wonder Jack Tame; perhaps he was detained in the makeup department.

It's reassuring that there's still a true journalistic heart beating underneath all the banality and fluff that too often passes for news on One. Well done.

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