Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please don't take it too seriously, chaps

My comments about cricket in the Curmudgeon column (see below) provoked some mild indignation, though in my defence I should point out that I also received emails of support, including several from people who described themselves as cricket lovers. Donald MacDonald, who was a couple of years ahead of me at Central Hawke’s Bay College, gently rebukes me for categorising cricketers as coming from comfortable, white, middle-class suburban homes with indulgent parents. Donald played cricket and clearly resents the implication that he came from a privileged, molly-coddled background. He points out that his father – who, like the parents I referred to in my column, watched all his games (including those played at Russell Park and Onga Onga Domain, names with a certain resonance to a Waipuk boy) – was a shepherd, so it can probably be assumed he wasn't a stalwart of Rotary.

Point taken, Donald, but you must understand that we journalists deal in sweeping generalisations. We couldn’t function otherwise.

A reader calling himself Santiago good-naturedly takes me to task for suggesting that the Wellington suburb of Tawa was an example of the type of bourgeois setting in which cricket thrives. Granted, Tawa may have changed a bit over the years; but in the days when I lived at Titahi Bay and commuted to and from Wellington by train each day, I prided himself on being able to pick which of my fellow passengers would get off at Tawa. It was then an extremely conventional suburb, populated by middle- to upper-level public servants and insurance company employees with neat haircuts and Hallensteins suits (Hallensteins in those days being a rather more conservative gents’ outfitter than it is now). I don’t believe things can have changed that much.

On a more serious note, over at the Stuff website, a reader named Tony Penman (and good on him for using his real name) gives me a right old working over. “If cricket is a representation of middle class values then I say all the better for it,” he writes. “If being middle class means respecting education, aspiring to excellence, valuing good manners, taking responsibility for one's own conduct, attaching importance to independence, building families, fathers engaging with sons, then it is something to be celebrated and not derided or mocked by this piece of lazy journalism.

“I ask you what is wrong with being middle class exactly? Maybe the middle classes can be smug accountants who run ordered lives with aspiring children but NZ is the better for it. After all through their work and endeavour they provide the vast tax revenues that finance New Zealand’s  burgeoning underclass and inflated welfare state.”

To which I can only say, much as it may surprise Mr Penman, that I entirely agree. (Well, perhaps with the exception of the lazy journalism bit. That hurt.) The column was not intended as an attack on the middle class, whose values I generally share. My comments should be read in the knowledge that I grew up in a cricket-free household, shunned team sports with all the slyness I could muster, and regarded cricket as a Protestant sport (the du Fresnes were Catholic) played by goody-two-shoes from only the most respectable homes. In the circumstances it’s only natural that I should develop a thoroughly jaundiced view of the game. In the words of an old country song, I’m surely to be more pitied than scolded.


pdm said...

I enjoyed your response above Karl - good stuff and there was of course the Otane Domain and the College grounds which these days don't resemble what we played club cricket on.

As far as Tawa is concerned there were also a lot of bankers living there who were cricketers, including my brother in law. His father was a barber in Waipawa and a fanatical cricket follwer who actually knew bugger all about cricket.

I wonder if the Tony Penman who responded is a relative of Monty Penman who I playedcricket with for Havelock North in the early 70's. An opening batsman Monty was not the epitome of the conventional cricketer you described in your original post.

The probligo said...

As a cricketer who played a grand total of two games, dropped the only catch to come his way, got bowled first ball, and took one wicket (with a very rank full-toss) for 15 off two overs my qualification to comment on that aspect is severely limited.

you must understand that we journalists deal in sweeping generalisations. We couldn’t function otherwise...

That is a statement that explains a very large part of the "wrongness" of the modern "news" media. It accounts for most everything on the front page of my morning newspaper from "the rugby player arrested for assault" to "the celebrity continuity idiot who thinks our GG is not a NZer."

Hard news is dead, and your explanation fits the bill exactly.

Thanks Karl.

Vaughan said...

Even though I like to watch cricket sometimes on TV, I hated playing it when I was a kid.

For a start, summer in the Antipodes should be enough to put you off.

Then there is the pain.

The ball is hurled at you at a speed that makes it difficult to see. So dangerous is it, that you are supposed to wear some strange plastic thing to protect your nuts. Madness!

Then you supposed to catch that little cannon ball, which has been smashed in your direction from just a few metres away by a bat. Crazy!

Or you wait for ages at the edge of the field in case the ball comes in your direction. Ho hum. How to feign interest?

If your summer option is surfing, yachting, swimming, lawn bowls, croquet, why choose cricket?

fillip said...

Karl, Karl, where have thou been? Have you erased all traces on Facebook with a bush tied to the tail of your speeding horse?

In case, you are wondering who has been tracking you, it's that guy from Malaysia who sat in the same bus as you when we headed towards Bleinham Palace in 1985.

Anonymous said...

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Karl du Fresne said...

What a pleasure to hear from you. I still have on my wall a photo of us in London with (I think) Sir Edward Pickering (RIP). But I might have to correct you on a technicality. My recollection is that while the rest of our group went to Blenheim Palace in the comfort of a bus, Slender Glenda and I hired bikes from Oxford and rode there.
As for the reason I'm no longer on Facebook, the explanation is here:

Karl du Fresne said...

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It's rich that you should accuse me of cowardice when you cower behind the anonymity of a pseudonym. Piss off.

Moshe said...

For those of us born and raised in a Catholic environment, cricket was also a mystery (compounded by the fact the players spoke another language! :-)

Excellent column, Mr. Du Fresne. I enjoyed it very much.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Karl du Fresne said...

Yes, I do hear the footsteps, and I think it's the men in white coats coming to give you your injection.

Anonymous said...

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pdm said...

Goodness Karl the nutters that frequent other blogs have found you as well.

They do get their jollies in strange ways.

The probligo said...

Forget the little men in their white coats, Karl.

For taking in vain the name of one of the greatest surfers of all time - GUILTY!

It should be dealt to in the same way any good farmer would deal with a dog that chases after sheep.

Tepee said...


Yes I am his son.