Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's that yelping noise? Must be the Jackal

I stumbled today across a left-wing blog that I hadn’t encountered before. It’s called the Jackal.

I came across it because it had named me the “Asshole of the Week” for my recent column about Bryan Bruce’s hand-wringing documentary about child poverty in New Zealand.

Infantile abuse is par for the course on the web, so no surprises there. But I noted that the author of this blog, like so many other gutless non-entities in the blogosphere, is anonymous.

I posted the following comment: “A jackal is a cowardly cur that skulks in the shadows. I can’t think of a blog that’s more appropriately named”.

Half an hour later the Jackal had returned to the post, like a dog returning to its vomit, and responded to my comment. I reproduce his response here, complete with its puerile Net-speak and clumsy grammatical errors:

“LOL Thems fighting words.

“As well as being ignorant about inequality, you also appear to have zero education on eukaryotic organisms.

“Do you like how this post rates higher in searches than most of your articles Karl du Fresne?


I have no idea whether the Jackal’s blog is better read than mine and don’t give a toss either way. The fact that he thinks I might be jealous gives a clue to how his puerile mind works. (As for his bizarre reference to “eukaryotic organisms”, your guess is as good as mine.)

But here’s the interesting thing. When I tried to post a further comment, a notice came up advising that I was now blocked from the site.

Like the scavenging canine he names himself after, the Jackal attacks only when he can be sure his prey isn’t going to bite back. What a loser.


Cactus Kate said...

Todd McDonald - plumber Marsden Plumbing and failed horse trainer of Ruakaka = The Jackal.

Richard McGrath said...

Interesting that McDonald posits a question to Karl on his blog and then blocks any attempt at an answer...

Karl du Fresne said...

Thanks, Cactus Kate.

Lady said...

I have not blocked you from commenting on The Jackal Karl du Fresne.

My assertion was that my blog is better read than your articles... not your blog.

If you don't know what eukaryotic organisms are, perhaps you might like to learn how to use google search? I'm sure google is not above your obviously low IQ level.

I attacked what you wrote... if you need to know who I am to personalize your abuse instead or responding to what I wrote, then you really are deserving of your Asshole Award.

PS You're an idiot Cathy Odgers.

Richard McGrath said...

So McDonald, who personalises his attack on Cathy Odgers in the last line of his post, rather than responding to the statement of Ms Odgers is... also an asshole.

Karl du Fresne said...

I thought of replying to the comment posted by Lady/The Jackal/whatever pseudonym he's cowering behind this week, but decided that if I responded to every mendacious, cowardly and asinine commenter attacking me in the blogosphere, I'd have no time left for anything worthwhile. Life is too short.

Richard McGrath said...

McDonald is not above lodging a complaint with the medical centre where I work, throwing into question my fitness to practice as a doctor because of attacks I have made on political websites and blogs, and in campaign speeches, against people whose political views differ from mine. See the Whale Oil blog for more details.

Karl du Fresne said...

A contemptible flea all round, then.