Friday, June 29, 2012

When public opinion is okay

THE LEFT keeps howling that the government has no mandate for the partial sale of state assets.  Opinion polls seem to support this view, suggesting that about 70 per cent of the public don’t want the sales to go ahead.

But since when has the Left recognised the primacy of the people? Polls showed that about 80 per cent of the public opposed Sue Bradford’s misbegotten anti-smacking law in 2007, but that didn’t deter Labour and the Greens from pushing it through (with John Key’s complicity, for which some National supporters still haven’t forgiven him).

The Left presents itself as the champion of the people when it’s politically convenient to do so, but has no qualms about disregarding public opinion when it conflicts with the leftist agenda.

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Jigsaw said...

Couldn't agree more and all these people are worried about selling state assets and yet many seem to think giving away the seabed and foreshore is a great idea-more than giving them away $40 million in the last budget to help give them away!12