Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pagani has good news for the right

In a revealing interview with Audrey Young in today's New Zealand Herald, former Labour candidate and political commentator Josie Pagani lifts the lid on the toxic factionalism within the party.

It seems that anyone who doesn't fall into line with strident far-left agitators in the blogosphere or the unions - and that means people like John Tamihere, David Shearer and Pagani herself - can expect to be exposed to ugly personal campaigns of vilification.

This of course will come as good news to the right, because if the hard-core socialists in Labour prevail, they will render the party unelectable.

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RobertM said...

Pagani is misguided to continue to support David Shearer who has failed and was never more than a friend of Goff. Shearer is not a leader or politician or really anything to do with Labour. Clark and Thatcher were always intelligent, concise and with clear transformative programmes.
Politicians of Shearer's wafly non politician type, ie Moore and Rowling are usually unelectable and would be a disaster if elected.
At the worst Cunliffe would be a Lantham and provide entertainment, sex appeal and real opposition for a while, get rid of the dead wood Shearer, (Beazley) and clear the way for a Parker (cF Rudd or Major) and a Gillard five years down the track.
The real backers of Shearer just want a continuation of the Clark, Key settings in furthur watered down form. Shearers backers are essentially Tory wets like Hooton.
Jacinda may have some Gillardine potential in a decade. No NZ politician could nail fluffy, girlish Paula Bennett, Mallard was no more successful in landing a punch. Thats why they gave Bennett the job. When Paula is on 22, just watch Finnalyson's grimmace and close his eye. He's the sort of comic and lawyer who might graze Bennett if he's in the other party. And I'm not talking Robertson. He's not attractive or acceptable.