Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dotcom and Bradbury: a match made in heaven - or should that be hell?

Some of the greediest people I've known were lefties. In fact I suspect the reason they were lefties is that they were deeply, bitterly envious of people with wealth and wanted a share for themselves. In a few notable cases, once they discovered their inner capitalist, there was no holding them back. This was true of several people I can think of who were once staunch union activists but later discovered a talent for making money.

I thought of this when I read courtesy of Whale Oil that Martyn Bradbury, the man whose flat was once decorated with portraits of Mao, Marx and Che Guevara, was charging Kim Dotcom $8000 per month plus GST for political strategy, "on top of a $5000 payment to allow him to upgrade his computer, cellphone and tablet devices". In other words, just another greedy left-wing trougher.

Bradbury has been making heroic efforts in recent months to appear sane, presumably with a view to making himself politically acceptable. It now appears he wants to stand for the new Dotcom party in Auckland Central. If Dotcom has any sense at all he will cut Bradbury loose; in fact today's Dominion Post suggests he might have done so already. I hope it's wrong. Dotcom and Bradbury deserve each other.


Brendan McNeill said...


The match also seemed unlikely to me; the capitalist entrepreneur meets Karl Marx revisited. What on earth could they possibly have in common except perhaps a pulse?

I'm not even sure your suggestion of left wing envy and greed fully captures the incongruity of the pair.

I'd love to see them on stage together. We haven't had so much potential for political fun since McPhail and Gadsby graced our screens.

Jigsaw said...

What delicious irony that someone like Bradbury gives even a glimmer of support to Dotcom and as for charging -of was that he wanted to charge -$8000 a month. Going to be a fun year I think!