Monday, July 31, 2017

Key opens up to Australian interlocutor

An interesting interview with John Key by ABC current affairs presenter Tom Switzer on the Australian state broadcaster’s Radio National:

Freed from the constraint of having to weigh the political consequences of everything he says, Key is relaxed and expansive. He talks about his decision to quit (“It’s better to go when they want you to stay than to stay when they want you to go”), the National government’s response to the global financial crisis, the Christchurch earthquakes, housing and immigration, the flag, knights and dames, same-sex marriage, Helen Clark and the ponytail incident (“I did some dumb things,” he concedes).

Key remarks at the end that the New Zealand media will probably be miffed that he gave what is probably his most complete post-retirement interview to an Australian, and he may well be right. I’ve never been a fan of Key but I felt I understood him better after this interview than I did before. 

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paul scott said...

John Key expended massive political capital to do nothing except fulfill his boyhood dream.
A corporate bleach washed financier devoid of traditional Nat party policy or values.
And what do you want to do for New Zealand when you grow up to be PM John Boy?
I don't want to do anything for New Zealand, I just want to be Prime Minister.