Monday, November 5, 2018

Someone wanted a link, so here it is

The Dominion Post today published a response by abortion activist Terry Bellamak to my column of last Thursday. In the online comments section on Stuff, someone subsequently recalled reading about a recent situation in the United States in which a woman went ahead with an abortion after receiving counselling and being convinced it was the right course. The baby was born alive but subsequently died, leaving the mother devastated. According to the commenter’s account, the mother implored nurses to help the baby, but was ignored. The commenter went on to mention that he or she was aware of a similar case in New Zealand in which a baby was “left on the side to die”.

Someone then responded to ask, “Can this appalling example be backed up? Or is it one of the many horror stories pedaled [sic] by various groups and lovingly spread by those opposed to abortion?” Someone else, apparently equally sceptical, chimed in: “Provide the link,please”.

Well, I hadn't previously heard about the incident in the US, but I do know about the New Zealand situation referred to. I wrote about it here five years ago:

Dr John McArthur, the paediatrician involved, wrote about it in Professional Misconduct, a book published only this year, which he provided to the Law Commission to consider as part of its review of the abortion law. His story is a chilling illustration of the professional indifference to life that results when the unborn child is viewed as less than human.

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Rory said...

Karl, i was browsing and saving some good articles on the Abortion debate and found yours with an invitation fto some one who wanted a link. Voila! - I could say this is like calling thier bluff and boy did it ever. I read the article from the link and it was as i expected clear and to the point as all your writings are. I remember well all the voices saying the protections we are putting in place are watertight. Well not quite as the thousands of babies aborted since then have shown " as time goes by".
What is frightening now in 2018 is the next stage of the "time machine " as the scenario enters another loosening and we are heading for a society that really does not care as long as it is well hidden , generally not discussed and told constantly by MSM "it's not an issue "