Friday, November 8, 2019

Second thoughts on peak lunacy

There have been a couple of occasions recently when I speculated that we had reached peak lunacy in the so-called culture wars. It turns out I was woefully wrong and pathetically over-optimistic.

New heights of madness are scaled almost weekly, the latest being the Advertising Standards Authority’s ruling that a Streets advertising sign proclaiming that “ice cream makes you happy” should be removed because “the implicit claim that there is a link between ice cream and happiness could potentially undermine the health and wellbeing of consumers”.

Good grief. It’s bad enough that some wretched soul felt motivated to complain that the ad promoted “an unhealthy relationship with food”, but infinitely more depressing that the ASA agreed. And to think I was feeling sympathetic for the advertising watchdog because it had recently been under attack from Andrew “Sour Grapes” Little after it turned down his complaint against a newspaper ad placed by National MP Nick Smith relating to Pike River (which itself qualifies for inclusion on the peak lunacy index, but that’s another story).

Unilever Australasia, which owns the Streets brand, has announced it will appeal. That’s good, but it’s tragic that we must now rely on a multinational corporate to defend free speech in advertising.

As for me, I’m forced to recalibrate my peak lunacy barometer. There’s clearly some way to go before the craziness starts to subside.


Max Ritchie said...

Exactly my reaction when I read this, although you articulate it superbly (but then so you should, with your occupation). Good grief, what next? Ice cream makes you unhappy? "When I'm worried and I can't sleep I eat ice cream and don't count sheep". The appeal will make some lawyers happy. Win/win.

Andy Espersen said...

Ha - it's obviously not hate speech. But aren't we allowed love speech either?

pdm said...

Andy - or to be happy.

hughvane said...

Extend that lunacy barometer Karl, it hasn't got anywhere near peak yet.

Odysseus said...

Could there be a better advertisement than this for the ASA's abolition?

hughvane said...

Mr Little has felt compelled to comment on the ASA vs ice cream ad debacle. See ODT 15 Nov, front page. Seems he does have his jockeys in a jumble about the asinine decisions of the ASA. Rightly so, in my view.