Tuesday, October 20, 2020

An alternative narrative

Derek Daniell is a Wairarapa farmer who runs the internationally respected Wairere Romney stud. He is also a tireless and articulate advocate for pastoral farming, a sector that’s under sustained political attack at a time when the New Zealand economy has never been more reliant on it. I’m posting this link to Derek’s latest commentary because it’s important that people realise there is a counter-narrative to the one promoted by the mainstream media.


Trev1 said...

Very well argued, thanks Karl. Share widely!

Max Ritchie said...

I agree. A compelling argument for common sense. But everyone has one party vote and most voters are takers, not givers. We can expect lots more like the extra holidays the author complains of. More crime, more taxes, more Maori separatism etc. The Path to Poverty is Roger Douglas’ latest paper.

Andy Espersen said...

What an excellent idea to use your blog for posting a link to a an interesting article expressing a worthy, important opinion on an important issue.

We used to rely on our newspapers to do this - but sadly, they are no longer up to it. You, however, as an old-time journalist, are in your element here!!

David George said...

Yes Andy. New research has shown the bias of our news media, as per Karl's recent post. While this computer based research is new and perhaps needs tuning the results should be a real eye opener for conservative/right of centre folk that still believe their POV is being impartially presented.
Here is the website with the results of their study of 15 news NZ outlets. A sea of red.