Thursday, March 25, 2021

A fallacy exposed

Parliament last night passed a Bill that will provide three days’ paid bereavement leave for women who have experienced a stillbirth or miscarriage.

The Bill’s sponsor, Labour MP Ginny Andersen, argued that stillbirth and miscarriage can have traumatic consequences, and the House unanimously agreed.

Interviewed this morning on Morning Report by Suzy Ferguson, Andersen acknowledged that the Bill wouldn’t apply to women who have had abortions, as some submitters had urged.

She explained this was because the legislation was introduced before last year’s radical overhaul of the abortion laws and she wanted to remain focused on her principle objective.

However, when asked whether the new legislation could be amended to cover abortion, Andersen answered: “I think that’s a really good idea and definitely should be considered.”

This may have been a more significant statement than she realised. Andersen was one of the 37 Labour MPs who voted for the dismantling of the abortion laws on the basis that the right to abortion is all about women’s health. But by acknowledging that the procedure can have harmful consequences, she has exposed that argument as a brazen fallacy.


Bush Apologist said...

wow - the hypocrisy of the left continues.
Also picked up this little pearler "It applies to anyone who "say's" they've had a misscarraige . . ." - ensuring that the law is "all inclusive"!

Unknown said...

Apologies for posting a link to an article, but this gets even stranger... Studies show that there are many miscarriages that women ("pregnant people" in the modern terminology!) don't even know that they've had. See article here:

Ricardo said...

Yes Karl I heard the same brief exchange with Suzie Fergusson. I was quite puzzled that neither speaker saw any irony or worse in the suggested extension to abortion. A woman chooses to end the life of an unborn human and then is eligible for "bereavement" leave. If one does not want to be bereaved, don't have an abortion.

Hilary Taylor said...

If ever there was a moment for a 'pregnant pause', a glimmer that these women 'get it', the hypocrisy, it was that. Just goes to show how brazenly dopey people can be.