Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Important update on Judge Callinicos

David Farrar of Kiwiblog has read Judge Callinicos's judgment in the Moana case and covers it fully here. I recommend readers of this blog check it out. The more we learn about this affair, the more shocking it becomes. Even Martyn Bradbury has weighed in. Meanwhile the mainstream media largely ignore the scandal and the silence from the government and the Law Society is deafening.


Jade Warrior said...

This is an extraordinary story and the fact that the mainstream media are staying away from it makes it all the more astonishing.

I can’t help but draw parallels between this scandal and the “three waters” initiative. What I think both these stories have in common is a racial factor - and for media to critique any issue where race (particularly Maori) could be a factor seems to be a no-go area for our media these days.

It is far more preferable, it seems, for our media not to make waves and just pretend that there’s nothing to see here, move on. Of course, taking a critical line on both these issues might also call into question that media outlet’s commitment to the principles of the Treaty, which might mean that organisation might be at the back of the queue when the public money to support journalism is being handed out. Or am I being too cynical?

Phil said...

The media ignoring the story suggests that the Government are involved and know that investigation will highlight the chain of command back to them

Anna Mouse said...

This Government White-ant something? No!!!!!

Max Ritchie said...

OMG, I agree with Bomber Bradbury! We’ll, only to the extent that he says Farrar is right.

David George said...

No, you're not being cynical at all Jade Warrior. An unquestioning acquiescence to the TOW as partnership, te reo and Maori wonderfulness is a written requirement for access to the "public interest" journalism fund/bribe. Looks like Te Hapuapua and three waters revolutions are receiving the same treatment.

hughvane said...

Karl - your last sentence is EXACTLY why I recommended your setting up a VLOG on YouTube, to be fronted by someone who is both willing, and capable of voicing over your text contributions.

We are woefully and shamefully deprived of mainstream media coverage of contentious issues deserving of public attention wider than your blog - good as it is - receives.

I firmly believe that going public on a more public mainstream video media may well garner significantly greater support and influence.

Terry M said...

The buck stops at the Prime Minister. End of story.

Graham Adams said...

David George... thanks for linking to my article. You may have seen that the Taxpayers' Union put up the clip of the exchange in Parliament I referred to about Ardern being grilled over $55 million of govt money influencing media.
It has had 34k views in less than five days (including a 10-hour outage of Facebook in that time), which makes it one of the most-watched clips the TU has ever posted.
It's very damning... and David Seymour refers specifically to the criteria around the ToW.

Odysseus said...

Each day this awful government and its bought and paid for media plumb new depths. There really is no telling where it will end, but it will not be a very pleasant or harmonious place. New Zealand is broken.

Anna Mouse said...

Corruption has taken hold of our Government, Judiciary and our Media.

What do we blame for such?

Ideological dogma that extends a hand to activistic, tribalist marxism.

Who do we balme for such?

Marxist ideologues who foster activistic tribalism with no thought to our once inclusive, respected and sustainable (albeit not perfect) New Zealand.