Friday, December 3, 2021

Introducing the new Tova O'Brien, the voice of sweet accord

Rebranded radio station Today FM (formerly Magic Talk) has announced that someone named Mark Dye, who’s described as a former NewstalkZB presenter, will be co-hosting the new station’s breakfast show with Tova O’Brien.  

In one of those standard pieces of meaningless PR fluff that invariably accompany such announcements, Dye is quoted as saying: “The time is right for a station like Today. We all need a little less divisiveness and a bit more optimism.”

Less divisiveness? With Tova O’Brien?? Ha. Good luck with that, as they say – that is, unless we’re going to see a rebranded O’Brien too.



Doug Longmire said...

Less divisiveness !!
Hello, Hello !!

That statement qualifies as today's bad taste joke.

Odysseus said...

Thanks for the heads-up Karl. I'm wiping the former Magic Talk frequency from my car radio's memory. I could not bear to be trapped in a confined space with that shrieking banshee. Magic just lost their Mojo.

Hiko said...

Yup thats them gone from my radio

pdm said...

Karl - perhaps less divisiveness means they will not give National or ACT any air time or coverage at all.

Seems they might have to after the latest Roy Morgan Poll which has them pretty much neck and neck.

Hilary Taylor said...

Cos it's them, gonna be pedantic...what's wrong with 'division' Magictalk?