Tuesday, May 3, 2022

What the public thinks about the Pravda Project

Don't hold your breath waiting to see anything about this in the mainstream media:

Poll reveals distrust of taxpayer-funded media - Taxpayers' Union

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Neil Keating said...

You'd think NZME might spend some of the money on sub-editors. But no.
Thus you have Jared Savage, NZ Herald (May 7) inadvertently labelling NZ police as 501s deported from Australia. That's because he doesn't understand hanging participles. Savage writes:

"Nicknamed '501s' after the section of the immigration law used to deport them from Australia on character grounds, police believe these gangs have a disproportionate influence on the criminal underworld because of their international connections, sophisticated counter-surveillance tactics, and aggressive approach to using firearms."

Was the sub asleep?