Monday, January 23, 2023

Scam alert

 A regular follower of this blog tells me he was asked to access his "free account" by entering his credit card number. I can think of no legitimate reason why any reader should be asked for their card details and suggest that if this happens to anyone else, they should treat it as a scam.


Doug Longmire said...

Absolutely right, Karl.

My advice is this - If a total stranger knocked on your door at your home and told you to give him your credit card, would you hand it over?
Of course you would not (alarm bells/Red Alert)

My approach is to treat ALL on-line requests the same as I would the shonky door-knocker

Anonymous said...

This seems to be an ad occasionally in the middle of your content. If the reader scrolls down they will see the rest of your blogpost. However many ads can sneakily appear that you must click them to see the rest of the blog. I can show a screenshot of it helps.

Karl du Fresne said...

Those ads are supposed to be there. I apologise for their intrusiveness, but they provide me with a very modest emolument in return for writing this blog. However you shouldn't have to click on them to continue reading.

Anonymous said...

We get two or three a week like this now They take many forms pretending to represent many organisations
Visa Amazon a bank Nzta etc A’s has been said if someone knocks on your door asking for your bank details etc without proof of identity
it would be the same thing