Sunday, March 26, 2023

Eliana Rubashkyn tipped that bottle of tomato juice over an entire country

So. We now know the person who tipped a litre of tomato juice over Posie Parker is a refugee from Colombia.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Eliana Rubashkyn, who describes herself as intersex and trans, came to New Zealand from a country notorious for its violence and corruption. She has been granted residency in one of the freest, most tolerant countries on earth. She is on record herself as calling New Zealand paradise. 

She benefits from our rights and freedoms – rights and freedoms not exactly abundant in her country of origin – and this is how she repays her host country? By denying her fellow citizens the right to hear a speech by someone she doesn’t approve of? By aligning herself with thugs and bullies who would probably feel quite at home in Latin America?

Lest there should be any doubt, I applaud the fact that New Zealand welcomes people from countries with troubled histories. We should share our good fortune. It’s one of the qualities that make this one of the most civilised countries in the world. 

Metaphorically speaking, that bottle of tomato juice was tipped over the country that gave Rubashkyn refuge. I hope she reflects on that, but it’s unlikely. She will be too busy bathing in the unabashed admiration of the media and her friends on the woke Left, who present arguably the gravest danger to democracy in our history.

Now, a question. Will the New Zealand Police be charging Rubashkyn with common assault? They know her identity; the whole country does. What’s more, the crime was witnessed by everyone who watched the TV news. Self-defence is unlikely to fly as a justification. So what’s stopping them?

Oh, and one other thing. Is anyone else struck by the contrast between journalists' obvious approval of yesterday’s violent mob and the media's contemptuous attitude toward the deplorables (for so they were depicted, even though their protest was mostly peaceful) who occupied the grounds of Parliament last year?



Mark Hubbard said...

She tweeted her deeds proudly, stating she did it 'for the country'. I said not for me you didn't, that tomato juice could have been acid for all anyone knew - that a police squad watched that happen and did nothing is mind boggling to me - so it was a very serious assault, I tweeted NZ police in and stated if she wasn't in criminal court on Monday we had no rule of law.

Mind, MJK had to fly back because police 'declined' to protect her through to her Wellington engagement, a luxury they don't have, they don't get to choose what they police and and what they don't, so they are derelict in their duty from their heads down, so transactivism has now learned they can apply violence or even the threat of it and get to determine who can speak in New Zealand and who can't, so we have no rule of law, do we.

I have put that and a bunch of other questions to Ginny Andersen because we need the answers on our police are anymore.

I am sick of New Zealand, and with that plus co-Maori-governance turning us into New Zimbabwe, see little future here under Labour, certainly, but nor National.

Yesterday was one of the most disturbing days in our recent history.

Trev1 said...

It appears the law is in abeyance for members of the Woke elite. The current fashion is for punching down, which is why the "deplorables" copped it last year, and why women's rights are today being trampled. Mission accomplished Posie, we can see clearly now.

Trevor Hughes

Andy Espersen said...

Most certainly Posy Parker could sue Rubashkyn for assault - and I sincerely hope she will eventually (she is in Dubai at the present moment, I believe). There can be no doubt whatsoever she would be found guilty.

I also suggest she successfully could sue the New Zealand Police - for gross failure in protecting her person.

I would like to know whether some other party (or person) in New Zealand can legally sue Rubashkyn for what was a very obvious crime on New Zealand ground. I suggest, for examples, the pro-women group who invited Parker to New Zealand - or Free Speech Union.

Could some legal mind enlighten me?

Doug Longmire said...

She was described as a "pharmacist".
However - she is not on the Register of NZ pharmacists on the Pharamcy Council register.

What other falsehoods about her are there ?

Alex said...

The media tell us she is a refugee from Colombia.
That is unusual, Colombia isn't known as a source of refugees. Also her surname doesn't sound Colombian , more Ukrainian.
Maybe the media have got it wrong.

Karl du Fresne said...

If you click on the link in my blog post, you'll see her background explained. I note she also has a Wikipedia entry. The evidence is pretty clear that Eliana is a person who enjoys attention.

Richard Arlidge said...

Rubashkyn is reportedly happy to take the consequences of her actions; would do it all again; and is prepared to do a year in prison for it, according to today's Dompost. She/he/it/they (whatever?) should not be sent to prison, but should face charges for the assault and a fine/compensation to Posie and those others impacted for the clean-up and inconvenience, along with a significant community service requirement would seem entirely appropriate. A very stern dressing down should accompany any penalty that this is not how a democratic, free speech country works, and that hypocrisy of the offender's kind will not tolerated.

And, I'm not so sure about the contrast, Karl? I saw evidence of the same 'stirring' mob of woke, virtue signalling distorters of the truth in both instances - the media that is.

Hilary Taylor said...

Yes! This gal is busy firing off emails to all & sundry who collaborated with this riot...including our bloody bank, ASB, who pinned their colours to the taliban-tranny mast after the riot. A bank!
A woman scorned & all that...

Murray Johnson said...

Trevor Hughes – your line “ Mission accomplished Posie, we can see clearly now.” has to be up there amongst the best responses I’ve read in many, many, years.

Damon Young said...

Interesting point you raise. Something never remarked upon, either on this issue or the Green party itself, is that the chief antagonists are all foreign born and are relatively recently admitted citizens. I count in this Shaneel Lal, Golriz Ghahraman, Ricardo Menendez March and the character you mention in the main post. The Greens in parliament have a further MP in this category although she doesn't appear to have been involved as deeply in events (together these people are 30% of the Green parliamentary party).

All of these people come from countries which you could fairly describe as politically unsuccessful when stood alongside New Zealand. This never gets mentioned of course - I get it's sensitive and you immediately hand them valuable ammunition for further vitriolic attacks (e.g. you are anti-immigrant). Nevertheless, for thoughtful people it is worth considering whether their style of political expression echoes what goes on in their place of birth - violence, identity politics (writ large - think Fiji), and corrupt zero sum elections. How has NZ wound up with this?

All are citizens (you must be to be in parliament, and the one you mention apparently was granted it on compassionate grounds). At some point they have sworn an oath which includes "I will faithfully observe the laws of New Zealand and fulfil my duties as a New Zealand citizen" and yet they must have had their fingers crossed - they have no intention of maintaining anything from NZs recent past or defending its constitutional arrangements. In their view everything from before is colonial, corrupt and must be wiped out. Other NZers can rightly ask, isn't the grant of citizenship incorrect from the outset?

Don Franks said...

Eliana Rubashkyn's assault on Kellie -Jay Keen instigated the ensuing cowardly mob's advance on a helpless woman. But for the actions of four security guards, murder could have been done in the park that day. This is what our utterly unprincipled government is trying to shrug off. May they reap their just reward at the next election.

Malcolm Mackay said...

What is remarkable about the trans activist movement is the sheer intimidatory power they are able to bring to bear.
Through a close family connection we happen to know David Bell, one of the "whistleblowers" at the Tavistock Clinic in London. We stay with them when we are in London, and host them when they come to NZ. Although his politics are distinctly left wing, he a man of the the utmost integrity and I regard him as one of the finest people I know. This is a Guardian article about him and his role in the Tavistock drama.
What surprised him though the whole saga was the viciousness of the reaction from the trans activists. They attacked him from every angle, seeking to destroy him in his profession, and personally. Because he was near retirement, he could stay the course. But for a younger person with a family and a career ahead of them ...
We have seen the way JK Rowling has been attacked.
The recent example in NZ of talk back hosts Leah Panapa and Miles Davis being forced into grovelling apologies for making fun of the obvious ridiculousness of the trans dogma, is extraordinary. And then being required to undertake re-education at the hands of Rainbow Tick. It is the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China. Happening here in Godzone in 2023!
Where does this power and this motivation come from? It is hard to explain without concluding that it's source is a profound malevolence. Maybe that is going to far, but otherwise how can we understand it?